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yongseo, goguma

June 2013



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Jun. 17th, 2013

yongseo, goguma

CNBLUE in Manila <3!

Sori jilleo~~!!


Finally, CNBLUE visited my motherland, Philippines! We, Filipino Boices, were really happy and I think still having this lovely "hangover" for the boys did not only had their concert but they also appeared in a presscon that happened in Megamall and it was for free!

Day 1: Fans came in Megamall with their hopes to see CNBLUE. People gathered at the event center and filled the three floors of the said mall. Fans waited hours to see them but all was worth it when they finally went out of the backstage! The boys were all smiles when they appeared on the public, maybe amused of the crowd. The fans screamed their hearts out and could not stop their giggles (some are even crying).

Yonghwa, as choding as always, had his arms wide open as if asking fans to come to him. It was really a funny scene. Jonghyun is always the shy and silent type. He only opened his mouth twice, I think. Even though people were calling him, asking him to speak, he just let out his radiant smile (OMG! I am satisfied with that). Minhyuk was always smiling with his trademark eyesmiles. I think he was a little shy too but he spoke a lot compared to Jonghyun. Jungshin was so goofy and talkative. He was the one who spoke first. When I was looking at the stage, I tended to see him first because of his height. The boys also sang "I'm Sorry" which made the crowd went wild.


1010726_10151979381143032_1368523301_n 1000443_10151979382153032_1922675925_n 983957_10151979381173032_989552802_n 1017096_10151979381558032_1047530365_n
[photos grabbed from Kris Rocha]

BOICE greeted Yonghwa by singing and congratulating him on his coming birthday with a birthday cake. He was surprised and even asked if it was really for him.


[photos grabbed from Kris Rocha and Gretchen Fullido's Instagram, respectively]

I was so happy to see them. They are all so handsome. A smile did not leave my face throughout the presscon even though people kept on crashing and pushing me. I did not mind it plus the tiredness I felt after it because my only goal was to see my biases and I did not regret being in there. I am a happy fangirl!

Day 2: BLUE MOON CONCERT! Yeah! That was the day that we were all waiting for! The boys finally performed live to their Filipino Boices! The venue turned into a sea of blue lights when CNBLUE finally came out of the stage. They were so energetic and hot especially when they did their things!


Yonghwa was full of energy that night. He kept on roaming and dancing around the stage. He even said that he was the best dancer on that stage on that time and I had nothing to say against it. Jonghyun was once again the silent type. He played (I mean he was raping) his guitar at the side of the stage. He was so hot especially when he strummed his guitar and let out his soothing voice. Minhyuk was also hot playing with the drums. He was really concentrated with his drums but letting his famous eyesmiles everytime. Jungshin was more like Yonghwa. He also roamed around the stage and kept on joking.

Yonghwa's dancing cut

[video cr: crellosa12345]

Silent but sexy Jonghyun playing his guitar

[video cr: rightful owner]

The Goguma went crazy when "Lovelight" was being sang. They raised their placards, banners and other things that had Yongseo on it. The rap part was sang by Jungshin but Yonghwa sang a long in the "I'm genie for you, girl" part. I knew that he also did this to other concerts but man, it was really priceless and I am being delusional, again! The cameramen were also jjang for they captured a lot of Yongseo which were flashed on the screen (especially when "Love" was being performed). I was really happy and shouting "GOGUMA" on the top of my lungs every time I saw Yongseo on the screens. Some people behind me asked why people would suddenly scream so loud, I mean even louder (I don't know how to explain this. hehe). I assumed that they did not watch "We got married" yet and then I screamed "Yong ad Hyun"! I was really a crazy Goguma!

[pic grabbed from YongSeo Sweet Potato Couple (PHiLiPPiNES)]

Before they came out for the encore, fans wore party hats that were provided by Yongseo PH. Jonghyun, Minhyuk and Jungshin together with the Boices surprised Yonghwa for his birthday. The boys except Yonghwa had conversation with the fans in Filipino. Yonghwa was really dumbfounded for he did not understand what the boys were talking about and the fans were laughing.

Birthday Suprise for Yonghwa

MINHYUK: Wag niyo sabihin ang pangalan. Wag niyo sabihin ang pangalan ha! (Do not say his name. Do not say his name, ok?)
YONGHWA: *looks dumbfounded*
JUNGSHIN: Alam niyo yung sinasabi namin! Kantahin natin siya? Kantahin natin siya! (You know what we are saying! Let's sing him a song? Let's sing him a song!
YONGHWA: *still doesnt know what's happening*
JONGHYUN: Kantahin natin yun. Yung sabi kanina. Sabay sabay tayo lahat ya! Sabay sabay ya! (Let's sing it! What we were saying awhile ago. All together, okay? All together!)
JONGHYN & JUNGSHIN: 1 2 3 go! Happy Birthday Yonghwa.
YONGHWA: *shocked* and dancing so cutely on stage.
[Video translation via dragon-flower reblogged cnbluemakesmehigh]

Yonghwa is singing "Happy Birthday To ME"

[Videos grabbed from lamielsunga and HannahCao9989, respectively]

But that happy moment had its end. I felt really sad when they said that they will be performing the last song, "Try Again, Smile Again". I even knew and memorized the songlist before I came in the concert but I cannot helped being lonely. But CNBLUE said that they will indeed come back in the Philippines which made the fans happy. I really hope that they will comeback!

I am truly a lucky fangirl! Seeing your biases in person was really the happiest day in a fangirl's life! I did not see them once, but TWICE! I am so happy that I was able to attend their concert. It was really a problem to me when they said that they will have their tour here. I did not know if I will be able to earn money for the tickets because when they announced it when the school days were nearing its end. But I'm truly blessed for my parents gave me money (their graduation gift) to add in buying tickets. I had so much fun! CNBLUE was really DAEBAK! I will always be a fan, a BOICE and I am really proud of it!


[from CNBLUE's twitter account]

The 1248 days of loneliness really has now come to an end!

PS, It's really long. I am just so happy and I think I need to let this out! If anyone is going to read this, thank you very much! <3! :))

May. 5th, 2013

yongseo, goguma

Newbie :)


It's my first time to write something here on my journal :) Actually, I don't have an intention on making an LJ account but after reading awesome fanfics here (mostly Yongseo's), I decided to finally make one so that I can say my thanks and share my ideas to the writers. I had been a "silent reader" for a long time and I think it's time to get out of that phase and communicate to others (probably, making some friends too). ^^

I admit that I am not that good at writing and for me, that is one of the skill that I need to improve. I am more of a reader and viewer type of person that is why I can appreciate arts easily. Art appreciation is one of my favorite subject back in college while I have a hard time finishing papers. Writer's block visits and stays with me most of the time. So, feel free to pinpoint and correct my mistakes (but please do it nicely). ^^

Yeah! I am a certified BOICE and I really really love CNBLUE!! The four of them are my biases and I love their songs! I really want to see them soon!! That's why I will be attending their Blue Moon concert here on June 15!!


[RE:BLUE Album Launch in Philippines (20 April 2013). BOICE group pic is from BOICEPH ^^]

I am a Yongseo shipper too! I really love Yonghwa and Seohyun and for me they are the best couple in the k-pop world! They broke my heart when they left WGM but I am still supporting and believing on them! I tend to be delusional especially when they are the topic and I really hope and pray that they will end up together!! For me, Yongseo is always sailing!! ^^


images (12)


I really love the last pic! It's just too cute! :)
[pics credits to rightful owners]

I think I will end my first post here (because I'm already sleepy. Hehe).

I hope that I can know people and have friends here :)

Fighting, everyone! :)